Educational Breakout sessions

Marcia Erickson - ActionCoach


1:00 PM & 5:30 PM  

What is keeping your business from peak performance? Join us for: 5 Ways to Massive Profits. 

It may sound like a trick question. Can a business increase sales 10%, keep expenses constant and still see a 61% increase in profits? Marcia Erickson, Certified Business Coach, will share with you a new approach to your sales, marketing and profitability of your business. 

Rick Davis - Davis Presentation Group


11:00 AM & 6:30 PM 

Bring More YOU!: Communicate With the Authenticity That Leads to More Business

Many business owners fall into the trap of hiding themselves or pretending to be someone they are not. When your customers and clients sense that something is off, they are more likely to take their business somewhere else. When you display more of who you are, you create the likeability and trust that leaves people wanting more from you! 

David Hulme - Yellowblue LED


11:30 AM

Did you know the benefits of LED lighting are far MORE than just utility savings.

Hear about the other employee related benefits of LED lighting and how they affect your bottom line.

Educational Breakout sessions

Peter Paisley - Fox 18


3:30 PM

Branding yourself through targeted television advertising.  How to target your customer through

 television advertising to reach them when and where they are!

Kathy Middleton - Legalshield Independent Associate


4:30 PM


The Impacts of Identity Theft on Small Business

While identity thieves continue to make life difficult for consumers, companies are also paying the price when the owner or employees are dealing with identity theft. In this workshop, we will discuss financial risks of identity theft, 5 types of identity theft and steps that businesses can take to protect sensitive data.

Jenni Swanson - Lincoln Office


  4:00 PM


Did you know that your workplace environment leads to workplace inefficiency? Did you know that employees are not productive when uncomfortable? Did you know that the leading cause of workman compensation claims is triggered by the workspace environment?

Jenni Swanson with Lincoln Office will share her insights as a workspace solutions expert and fitness instructor to help you identify ways to increase employee productivity and efficiency for your business.

Educational Breakout sessions

Larry Steffen - Eagle Point Solar


2:30 PM  

Solar Energy 101 

- How solar works

- Solar equipment and warranties

- Utility policy regarding solar arrays

- Solar Incentives (tax credits, depreciation, SRECs)

- Process to follow for a successful solar project

- Question and answer session

Jon Rasler - Thrivent Financial


12:30 PM

Five Financial Principles;

Learn the Five Financial Principles to keep you on the right track for your future.

John Hutchcroft - LightSpeed Tec


5 :00 PM

Energy Efficiency for Business shouldn't cost you money it should MAKE you money!

Educational Breakout sessions

Amy Simler - Bush Construction


3:00 PM  


Do you want a stress-free, maintenance-free living situation, but still want to be a homeowner?  Learn how the newest housing option in the Quad Cities meets these very needs.

Cooperative living is ZERO MAINTENANCE outside AND in! From typical lawn care and snow removal to light bulb changes. 

Join us as we review the history of cooperative living, how it differs from single-family homes, condos and apartments, as well as the long-term financial benefits this trendy, desirable housing model can offer you.

Martha Garcia-Tappa - IowaWorks


2:00 PM

An overview of business and job-seeker services that IowaWORKS offers in our community.

From recruitment and outreach, Registered Apprenticeship Programs, Veteran Hiring, the Employer Council of Iowa, to Labor Market Information, IowaWORKS provides high quality customer-driven services that support prosperity, productivity, health and safety of Iowans.  

Miles Thompson - Miles & Mackenzie Photography & Videography


12:00 PM


What Are You Waiting For? Use Video to Crush it!
We live in an accelerated world with social media and technology at the tip of our fingers. We have shorter attention spans and we lose interest very quickly.  When you scroll through pages or look something up on your phone or tablet you tend to stop at the videos that catch your eye.  Video is a compelling tool that everybody should be using... NOW!

Educational Breakout sessions

Steve Horinka - Townsquare Media


1:30 PM


Steve can help any size business identify and target potential customers in the market. It allows anyone to have an online advertising presence similar to what we see every day from Fortune 100 companies.

Justin Miller - Profit 911



6:00 PM 

"6 Ways to Use Automation in Your Business"

Business and marketing automation is everywhere. It’s the “sorry I missed you” email from a salesperson who just left you a voicemail. The birthday coupon from a restaurant. The reminder from a retailer that you added a product to your shopping cart but never clicked “buy.” Across every industry, automation has become a key to success. But automation isn’t just reserved for big corporations. Small businesses, too, can incorporate automation in some very simple, effective, and creative ways.

Justin Miller from Profit 911 Consulting will share with you how to get more new clients or patients for your business by harnessing the power of marketing automation. Don't miss this session!